Thank you for visiting our new  site. A Prayer For All is just that a Prayer meant to say Thank You GOD without any specific Religious doctrine implied where i being of Catholic backround relate to the Supreme Being/Entity/Creator of all things is GOD and  since the worlds major religions use the Bible as reference that we are all giving thanks to the same source as GOD but feel free to insert your beliefs name for the Supreme Being/Entity/Creator of all .And for all of you Atheists if there is no GOD than what does it hurt to still say thank you for what you have had do have and will have ?while hoping for the alignment of a universal viewpoint?and those others that think we mankind is really god or that we have limitless power of the mind in either case if that were true since most mankind believes in a Supreme Being wouldn't we create one with all that power just by believing making it a moot point ?So say it just ONCE each and every day  (isn't all we have had do have and ever will have in our lives worth a few seconds a day ?)more if you choose.Try it for yourself say it to yourself at first then try it out loud while your in your car (keep you eyes on the road though)or in the shower wherever whenever ,you might just be surprised how you feel afterward you have nothing to lose.

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We all have complicated lives full of ups and downs racing from home to work to the store or some errand or event then back home for a call a show maybe read a book with time for food family and friends squished smushed and crammed in between it all .Take the less than 60 seconds a day it takes to say this small focused thought to acknowledge pretty much what it all adds up to. You will be surprised what you might think of while saying it .The thought of just being thankful for even a brief moment ,be alone with one coherent thought of being thankfull for all you do have , think of all the good qualities and things you would like to have for yourself your family and friends and remember those that have touched our lives that have passed on and look forward to the same for those you don't even know yet and don't you really want to adjust your own ways and hope others do the same to do what is just and right ?Just look around there are so many that have it way worse then you and the world is not at the potential it could be mainly because we aren't on the same page. Well ...every book has a first page let that page start with you pass this word around and be patient change takes time but if we all are working towards the things in this little statement/prayer we will be hoping for all those things for ourselves and that the others start seeing more the way you do that alone puts us at least at the same starting point possibly on either end of a topic but with the same goals in mind maybe just maybe we can all see things with a mutual hope who knows where that could lead us all :)

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